Roundup of 2021 Posts

The new year has begun the 2021 posts are in the past, and we are all hopeful it will bring better times than the previous two years. May the Covid coronavirus wither and die, or at least diminish to another kind of flu we get shots for every year.

Big doings lie ahead on the political, healthcare, and science fronts as well. I look forward to some and I’m holding my breath about others. The 2022 Midterm Elections hold my particular interest.

Changes have also come to The Next Phase Blog. We will miss Susanne Skinner’s regular Monday posts and wish her good luck in her new endeavors. I also (selfishly) hope that she will find so many interesting things to write about that her thoughts, recommendations, and recipes will appear frequently.

Compiling the List of 2021 Posts

This month I’m going to try something I’ve never done before: a roundup of 2021 posts—all of them—by category. They appear in chronological order, so the December posts appear at the end of a category.

Just compiling this list of 2021 posts made me realize how much things have changed. Once I wrote frequently about movies, especially science fiction movies. Since the pandemic hit, however, we have seen far fewer movies and gone to the theater—cautiously—only three times.

Boston Bookshelf, Boston, New England, reference books, Roundup of 2021 posts

A few of my books about Boston and New England

I also found it surprising how few posts we wrote about books and how many about health and safely. You might think a worldwide pandemic put good health and long lives at the top of mind. Who’d a thunk it?

As always, I wrote a lot about Boston. A city founded in 1630 has a lot of history to explore, whole centuries of architectural development to describe, and little quirks to highlight. I share these posts with my fellow Boston By Foot tour guides and history buffs, who often add their own comments. I enjoy researching the posts almost as much as writing them and my bookshelves of Boston and New England history grow a little every year.

A Roundup of 2021 Posts

Enough said. Here’s the roundup of 2021 posts for you to check out. I created a separate category for Suze’s On My Mind posts, because they really deserve special attention. Especially the recipes. And I moved one Boston post to Food and Cooking because, well, it belongs there.


Boston and History


Business and Technology


 Food and Cooking

Friends and Family

Health and Safety

Lifestyle and Culture


Movies and TV

On My Mind

Science and the Environment



Writing and Language

Women Challenging Change

Off to the Races

So, now that we’re done with 2021 posts, we’re off to the races in 2022. Who knows what this year will bring?  Should we strap in and buckle up or relax and take a deep breath? We simply have no way to know. Hope may not be a strategy, but we can only hope 2022 will improve on the past two years in a variety of ways.

Happy New Year Everyone!