It’s a UAP, Not a Bird or a Bat

Just in case you thought those UAP sightings I wrote about recently were a figment of my imagination or a temporary phenomenon, here are more. I have noted that the only thing unusual about sightings of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) is that they are being reported in the mainstream media for the first time.

That trend continues, perhaps because UFO sightings have increased by 15% during the pandemic. The currently popular explanation is that we have spent more time at home and thus have more time to look up at the sky. Also, light pollution diminished, making objects in the sky more visible.

The Truth is Out There

Many of the sightings have been explained as normal things most people have never noticed before: birds, bats, satellites, planes, drones and the Goodyear Blimp. I will accept these facile explanations because they probably account for a certain percentage of reports. On the other hand…

bats, bats feeding, eveningMy husband and I have gone for evening walks in the summer during which we saw, and heard, lots of bats. I never mistook one for an aircraft of any kind. Bats are small and they dart around quickly and erratically as they hunt insets. They make a clicking sound that you can hear if the neighborhood is quiet. Many different varieties of birds also visited and lived in the pond behind our previous house. Again, we knew they were birds—and what kind.

In my experience, though, most people are fairly oblivious to things that go on right around them, much less in the sky. I call it living in a state of obliviosity. Nevertheless, claims of UFO sightings increased by a thousand last year compared to 2019. Some 7,200+ sightings were reported in 2020 and they nearly doubled in certain places, notably New York. That’s a lot of birds and bats.

Two Celestial Displays

Space X Rocket, debris, de-orbit burn, Portland, Oregon

The debris falling

Two celestial displays have had perfectly rational explanations. One was the fragment of Asteroid GW4 that exploded over Florida on April 12. The other was the debris from a Space X rocket that failed to execute a de-orbit burn. When it fell into the atmosphere at the end of March, it lit up the sky over Portland, WA. Many folks on the ground filmed these events and the press reported on them.

Such scientific events certainly don’t account for all UAP sightings. Looking behind the bird/bat/balloon explanations, we can intuit that UAPs have been up there all the time but we just haven’t paid enough attention or been able to see them clearly. Which is exactly what UFO/UAP trackers have been saying all along.

New UAP Photos

UAP, pyramid shape, UFO, F-18, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

The pyramid-shaped craft

Yesterday, a leaked video from the Navy—confirmed by the Pentagon—showed a series of mysterious sightings over U.S. Navy warships in California. The video shows three triangular objects hovering only 700 feet above the ship.

They were photographed on March 4th, 2019, by an F-18 weapons systems officer (WSO) seated behind the pilot. He used his iPhone to capture images of three different objects he encountered in the same airspace.

At 3:02 p.m. the WSO photographed an odd shaped object. Another photo, taken close to the same time, was first posted to twitter on May 11, 2020, then again on social media six months later.

Metallic Blimp, UAP, UFO, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, Unidentified Flying Object

The metallic blimp

The sighting was reported on both Fox News and the TODAY Show. Fox News also showed videos of the crafts, dubbed “the metallic blimp” and “the acorn,” that were also recorded on video.

I find it refreshing that some of these reports are getting more visibility from news outlets that reach millions of people. Either the media or the government may be softening us up for the big report that’s due to come out in June.

Three UAP Points of Interest

When I survey all of this activity I find three points of interest.

  1. The number of sightings, especially over military bases or close to military craft, seems to be increasing. This presents the country with a security issue, one that logically should concern the government.
  2. Some of the leaked videos have been transmitted by people in our military who are worried about both the unidentified aircraft in proximity to our bases, ships and jets, and fed up with the government’s attempts to hide that information. Some of the videos taken by our military—like the pyramids, acorn and metallic blimp—go back to last year or earlier and have been sitting in the files since then.
  3. The UAPs seem to be bolder, just showing up without regard to whether they will be seen. This is happening right at the time when smartphones make it easier to video them and the internet simplifies getting the images out quickly and easily. This prevents any government from suppressing civilian videos. No black helicopters will show up at your front door after you broadcast what you saw on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. The news media seem to be more interested than ever before in reporting the stories. This erodes the government’s longstanding (and highly effective) campaign of ridiculing anyone who says they saw a UAP.

See for Yourself

The Truth is Out There, X Files, Scully and MulderWhat happens next? Your guess is as good as mine. The weather is warming up, which offers a good reason to go outside and look up at the night sky. You will see the moon and planets, you may see Betelgeuse dimming in the constellation Orion, and you might catch the International Space Station cruising along. Or you may see something else entirely. Something that doesn’t fit into our neat scientific categories.

These folks in Utica, New York, certainly did. Watch their video of five bright lights proceeding silently across the sky. No airplane noise; no running lights. The truth may not be out there but something certainly is. See for yourself.

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