A Closer Look at Project 2025

I wrote a post about Project 2025 back in March when most people had not yet heard of it. Fortunately, that seems to be changing. More and more people post on social media about Project 2025 and that’s a good thing, because the media are still ignoring it.

Overwhelming Control through Project 2025

Project 2025, Heritage Foundation, Republicans, MAGA, Capitol, Washington DCIn the March post, I focused on just one aspect of the Republican Party’s plan for total domination of the United States government. At nearly 900 pages, this manifesto can feel overwhelming to those of us who lack a support staff. Now, however, I find the work done by others extremely helpful.

So, I’m going to take advantage of that effort to summarize Project 2025 for you. And please pay attention. If the Republicans win in November, this program will affect you regardless of your age, gender, faith, or politics.

Project 2025’s Four Goals

Project 2025 has four main aims:

  1. Restore the family as the centerpiece of American life
  2. Dismantle the administrative state
  3. Defend the nation’s sovereignty and borders
  4. Secure “God-given” individual rights to live freely.

I know that doesn’t sound so bad but, as always, the devil is in the details. In this case, the details are broad in scope and wide-ranging in impact.

In fact, Project 2025 covers so many areas and details so many laws to control the American people that I can’t do it in just one post. I will start with three and cover the rest in another post.

Women’s Health

Enact a de facto total ban on abortion care of any kind, regardless of the state you live in. They will do this by:

  • Mifepristone, abortion, medicine, Project 2025Reversing the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of abortion medication.
  • Making it illegal to send abortion medication through the mail.
  • Compelling states to report the reason for every abortion performed within its borders.
  • Allowing states to ban employers from providing health benefits that cover abortion care.
  • Passing a total national ban on abortion regardless of threat to the mother’s health or fetal viability.
  • Banning all contraceptives.

Under the guise of protecting the family, Project 2025 inserts government control into personal and medical decisions. Why any woman would vote for this escapes my understanding. Yet, millions will do so, and enthusiastically. If they succeed, they will cast 52% of the population back into the 19th century, when we had no rights God-given or otherwise.

General Health Care

The plan will significantly alter the quality of health care available to the American people while simultaneously raising the cost. Project 2025 will accomplish this by:

  • Putting Medicare on the path to privatization.
  • Repealing President Biden’s Medicare drug price negotiation program. This will eliminate the $2,000 out-of-pocket cap on prescription drugs, the current savings on 43 medications, and the $35 cap on insulin prices.
  • Threatening Medicaid coverage for hundreds of thousands of poor Americans.

Would any senior citizen knowingly vote to pay higher prices for the medications and services they need to remain healthy? And do seniors understand that privatization means paying huge salaries to the CEOs and executives of healthcare providers? Elderly people need that money to live on, not to buy yet another house or yacht for a billionaire.

Employment and Retirement Coverage

Project 2025 will make it more difficult for people to retire at any age and force them to retire later, regardless of how strenuous or dangerous their job may be. They will:

  • Raise the retirement age to 69 or 70. That means benefits would start later and be smaller than they are today for future retirees.
  • Eliminate (yes, eliminate) social security for the elderly and disabled.

Retirement age, social security, Project 2025These “solutions” are typical of white-collar paper pushers who can’t imagine breaking a sweat on the job. They have never held a physically demanding job, worked in brutal heat, suffered chronic back pain, or risked a serious work-related injury. And if you do, they don’t care.

Project 2025 would also:

  • Eliminate unions and worker protections, thus taking power away from workers and giving it back to the rich and powerful, where they think it belongs.

The Death of Checks and Balances

If you think our Constitution’s check and balances would prevent the Republican Party from implementing these plans, think again. You must not have paid attention to the Supreme Court’s recent decisions.

The current Supreme Court has been compromised by the active efforts of the Federalist Society and the passive acceptance of the Democratic Party. We can no longer depend on SCOTUS to protect us against attacks on the Constitution.

The Presidency is a big job that encompasses far more than internecine domestic squabbles, dominating the bench on SCOTUS, or ensuring that your team comes out on top of the scrum. The President makes decisions that affect foreign governments, the U.S. and world economies, national security, the welfare of every citizen, and whether to launch a war, among many others.

The justices have clearly decided that the Constitution means only what they say it means – or what they would like it to mean regardless of what it actually says.

More on Project 2025

More on Project 2025 coming up.

In the meantime, please share and forward this post to your friends and relatives who will stand to lose if Project 2025 rolls out. As GI Joe says, “Knowing is half the battle.” The other half, right now, is voting.