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    • The Next Phase blog is not commercial, June. While I like to see the traffic grow, I am not searching for leads and I don’t have a budget for improving the the SEO. Thanks for the inquiry but I am not interested.

  3. I have just discovered your site. I am very sorry I haven’t seen it sooner.
    I found you when looking for more about food supplements after reading
    the WSJ article by Laura Landro. I got some real eye openers in your series.
    Tell Seth I enjoyed it very much. Tell me more about your work, how long have you been creating your blog and is there an index where I might see the listing of the
    various subjects or titles. I have never been to a blog before so this is a new experience for me at 72 plus.

    • Earl: Thank you so much for reading my blog and for taking the time to comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed Seth’s posts on supplements and found them helpful. To answer your questions, I have been blogging for three years. I started The Next Phase when I retired and the next phase of my life happened. The blog replaced having colleagues to talk to at work and gave me a forum for all the ideas and opinions that pop up in my head. To learn more about me, click on the heading that says About Aline Kaplan.
      In regard to reading other posts, If you look on the right side of the blog, you will see three groups: Recent Posts, then Pages, then Categories. You can click on a category and read the posts that have been published in that category. If you see something you like in the Recent Posts, just click on that, too. It’s really easy and you’ll be a pro a this in no time!

  4. Hi Aline!
    How can i follow your blog? I don’t see a link to receive a feed…?

    thanks, hope all is well,
    Jenny Toyohara

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