Guide to Sponsored Posts

I do accept sponsored posts for The Next Phase Blog but I have several terms. Plese review the terms carefully before sending a proposal.

Publication Terms for Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts, blog posts, monetizing a blog, paid posts, rules and regulationsThe post must be:

  • Well written with accurate grammar, spelling and punctuation. Posts that do not meet these criteria or that sound like the author has an incomplete grasp of the English language will be rejected.
  • Content that is educational or informational and that offers value to the reader.
  • Does not sell any product or service. Direct product pitches are not allowed.
  • Has from one to three graphics included (photos, illustrations, charts, graphs, etc.) Content without graphics does not draw readers. Do not expect me to provide these graphics.
  • Incorporates several outbound links. These may include a do-follow link.
  • Includes a by-line for the author. If you do not provide a by-line, It will appear as Guest Author.
  • Does not have any insulting, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive / inflammatory content.
  • No content dealing with politics, guns, abortion, or religion
  • No content promoting sex, drugs gambling, or illicit behavior.

Publication Fee

My fee varies by post depending on content and length. The fee is payable by PayPal, Venmo, or check.

Next Steps for Sponsored Posts

If these terms are agreeable:

  1. Please send a post for my review.
  2. I will review it for suitability.
  3. I will either approve or reject the post and let you know my decision.
  4. If approved, I will schedule it for publication and send you the date of publication.
  5. Once the post is up, I will send you the URL. You will then promote the post by social media or marketing applications.

If you’re serious, please send an email to alinekaplan@comcast. net.