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If you have been reading The Next Phase blog, you may be interested in more information about Aline (Boucher) Kaplan, its founder and principal blogger. Here is a professional bio with links to other sites.

Writing and Publishing

Khyren (Baen Books)I have been writing science fiction since 1980 under a pen name that includes my maiden name: Aline Boucher Kaplan.

Since then, I have published two novels and written three others. My current novel is currently in second draft rewrite and taking longer than I had expected, often because I have been putting more effort into The Next Phase blog.

I have also written about a dozen short stories and one novella. Here are links to the published material:

"Voices in the Dark," a short story set in the Old West and published in Manifest West's anthology, "Western Weird." Edited by Mark Todd, Western Press Books, October 2015.Voices in the Dark,” a short story set in the Old West and published in Manifest West’s anthology, “Western Weird.” Edited by Mark Todd, Western Press Books, October 2015.

Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond edited by David TysonThe Broadcast Circle,” a short story about death and beyond published in Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond, edited by David Tyson, Mogulty Press, May 2015

Elf Hill,” a short story about the true nature of the “Little People” published in Magical: An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction for Adults, edited by Kelly Ann Jacobson, November 2014

Sekhmet in the Museum of Fine Arts,” a poem published in  Daughters of the Sun: A Sekhmet Devotional — 2014

Writing Related:

I have been a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) since 1989.

For at least 15 years—I can’t remember when I started—I have participated in the Spacecrafts Writing Group, which focuses on science fiction and fantasy work. We have an eclectic group of both published and unpublished authors and meet mostly every month to evaluate each other’s work.

Professional Tour Guide

Boston By Foot, @BostonByFoot, Back Bay

Starting the Back Bay Tour

I’m also a professional tour guide in Boston, Massachusetts. I work for two organization and volunteer for a third, leading architectural and historical walking tours, ghost tours, and bus tours of the city.

I’m docent for Boston by Foot, a volunteer organization that gives historical and architectural tours of Boston. In addition to walking tours, I give lectures and presentations for Boston By Foot for continuing education organizations and local service organizations. You can arrange a lecture or a private tour directly through Boston By Foot.

Professional Background

Aline Boucher Kaplan, author, copywriter, Aline KaplanIn my professional career I was a senior Communications Director with a strong track record of generating and implementing high-impact corporate and marketing strategies, messages and programs. I worked for a number of big public companies and for small, VC-funded start-ups in the high-technology industry. Those companies focused on network, computer and information security, network hardware and enterprise software as well as telecommunications.

Sometimes I was a department of one and sometimes I ran big organizations. At one company I had a department of 25 people and a budget of $14 million while at others I scrambled to do copywriting, public relations, advertising, trade shows, sales meetings, newsletters, print production, lead generation and anything else we could think of—all by myself.

The list of companies that I worked for is available on my LinkedIn profile at: www.linkedin.com/in/alinekaplan/

Other Interests

My other interests include going to the movies, gardening, snorkeling, reading just about anything, riding big fast roller coasters and antique hand-carved carousels, and cooking. I also exercise nearly every day.

6 thoughts on “About Aline Kaplan

  1. Hello Ms. Kaplin,
    I saw a posting that you made on May 17, 2017 about the naming of streets in the Back Bay of Boston, using British Lords. Would you happen to know which Lord Lansdowne the street was named after. There were several generations of them, and all were prominent. The one who lived during the Great Irish Famine (1846-1852) had a big hand in it. My college Irish History Class studied the famine in great detail and Lord Lansdowne was studied in some detail along with it. We were wondering if you might know. the street was laid out in the late 1890s it seems, so it was probably not our guy but we were hoping to confirm.Thank you so much. Hope to hear back from you.

    • Jim: Unfortunately, I have not researched Lansdowne Street but would love to have more information on the lords it might be named after. Can you direct me to any sources that might provide it? I would very much like to write a post about Lansdowne Street.

  2. Ms. Kaplan,
    Would you consider taking a look at my novel, Angela’s Treasures, which takes place partially during the Great Depression? I’m looking for endorsements from people who know something about that era.
    I’ve been a journalist for 25 years. I have an agent and my novel is currently being reviewed by a publisher.
    Thanks for your attention.
    Respond by email or call me at (352) 816-1706.

    • Dear Marian: Thank you for your inquiry. I am not, unfortunately, an historian or even a layperson who is well versed in the Great Depression. I’m afraid that my endorsement would not be helpful for you. I suggest that you Google some websites dedicated to this era and inquire of the contributors. I wish you good luck with your novel and a healthy and happy new year.

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