Roundup of December 2015 Posts

The holidays have passed, 2015 is over and we’ve started a whole new year. If the rush of holiday shopping, decorating, cooking, eating, partying, drinking, movie going, and catching up on sleep caused you to miss some of The Next Phase blog, here’s the roundup of December 2015 posts.

It’s fascinating to see the great houses surrounded by vines growing on every inch of suitable land—which is the sparse gravelly ground. Truly fertile land is used to grow other things

Grape Vines at Chateau Cos D’Destournelle

A few things changed last month. We added Seth Kaplan as a regular author and his posts typically appear on Fridays. Seth writes about a lot of things but he possesses a wealth of information about health, nutrition, diet, and nutritional supplements. Now that three people are writing regularly I’m going to indicate who wrote what in the regular monthly roundup.

I finished my Christmas series on angels in Boston and Susanne wrote a lot about cooking—posts I always enjoy reading. Seth covered a variety of topics. For once, nobody wrote about business or technology.

Susanne and I have written so much about travel that I added a category just for that. Whether it’s business travel, vacations, or travel to do good deeds, we have things to say about the process of getting from here to there as well as what we have seen and done at our destinations. Catch up and find out what I did on our vacation in France.

Boston and History 

Food and Cooking

Friends and Family 

Health and Safety 

Lifestyle and Culture


Movies and Television 


It seems like there are chateaux everywhere one looks because wine—in many varieties and colors—is the main product of the Bordeaux region. There are so many picturesque manor houses, chateaux, farmhouses and vineyards that it’s impossible to photograph them all.

Chateau Margaux in the Haut Medoc

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