Roundup of November & December Posts

January is finally upon us with the beginning of a New Year and all the hope and optimism that go with it. We get everyone’s 10 Best lists—movies, books, music, theater—and 10 Most Significant Lists—current events, economy, world peace, etc. I’m just going to provide a roundup of posts for the last two months of the year before jumping in to write a new one.

Whenever I compile one of these, I’m amazed at the variety of topics that Susanne and I cover. This violates the first rule of blogging, of course, which is to focus on one topic and become known as an expert on it.  I confess, however, that I would find that boring. No one topic consumes me to that degree and I’m interested in too many things to focus on any one. This is one of my rules for having a happy, productive life. Enjoy lots of things.

Appreciate the many good things in life and call out the bad ones.

Stop and smell the roses, watch the sunset, follow a snowflake as it drifts down.

Lift your face to feel the breeze.

Experience  the wonder of a deer track in the snow.

Hug your pet.

Sing in the shower.


Watch the geese as they honk their way south.

Be thankful for everything you have.

Live in the moment. 

Following is my roundup of posts for November and December by topic.

Art and Museums

Friends and Family

BreakfastFood and Cooking

Business and Technology

Messiah, Handel's Messiah, George Frederic HandelHolidays

Lifestyle and Culture

Magical, An Anthology of Fantasy, Fairy Tales, and Other Magical Fiction for Adults, Kelly Ann Jacobson, Aline Boucher KaplanMovies, TV, and Books