Roundup of May 2019 Posts

Please check the list below of posts that we published this month. A technical glitch popped up midway through the month and the site was down for a few days over a weekend. That means you may have missed one or two posts on The Next Phase Blog. Oh, no!

The tour season has begun with a bang in Boston, and I am extremely busy hitting the pavement for Haunted Boston and Boston By Foot. I have been giving more school field trip tours than usual. The kids like the ghosts and spooky stuff more than history, though. And I’m exploring another tour guide opportunity for a third company. I have audited one cruise-ship tour and have another ride-along coming up. Who knew that being a tour guide could become my retirement occupation?

The Best of Being a Tour Guide

Boston Common, Park Street Church, Millennium Tower, full moon, roundup of May 2019 posts

The Park Street Church and Millennium Tower with Full Moon

So, why do I like giving tours in Boston? Well, there are a few things.

  • I meet wonderful people from all over the country and around the world.
  • I see the city of Boston in all its moods, its weather patterns, and its exciting events.
  • Each tour is a separate performance with different questions and interests from my tour groups.
  • I have to stay sharp mentally and physically—and on top of new developments.
  • Different tour topics and groups with special interests require individual attention.
  • The people I’m guiding make each tour special, along with the mood of the city, civic and sporting events, neighborhood festivals, and the weather. (Boston has lots of weather.)
  • I make money on salary and tips and it all goes into a travel fund for us.

Come on Along!

Back Bay at Night

If you live locally, I would love to see you come along on a walking tour for Boston By Foot or Haunted Boston. Whether you like history or hauntings, we have something for everyone.

In a couple of weeks, I’m giving back-to-back private tours of “Murder, Martyrs and Mysticism” for a group I took out once before and they have come back for more. I love it when that happens.

Depending on your interests and your schedule, you can sign up for a tour at:

  • Boston By Foot – Architectural, historical, geographical, and informative information.
  • Haunted Boston – Spooky stories, historical events, and a graveyard by night.

Now that summer is here, the tour season is really ramping up. Salary and tips are going into my travel fund for a trip to Vienna, Austria, that I have planned for next year.

Roundup of May 2019 Posts

Here is the Roundup of May 2019 posts that Suze and I put up this month. If you ran into that glitch and missed a few, here’s your chance to catch up. As always, feel free to comment. We love comments and enjoy hearing what you think about our posts. Don’t be shy.


Boston and History

Business and Technology

Health and Safety

Lifestyle and Culture

Chilling Out in New England

That’s quite a spread of topics: less on business than usual and more on lifestyle. I guess we got into some pre-summer chillin’ out. Speaking of chilling out, that’s what we’re doing in New England this year.

Spring, tulips, Boston Public Garden, Roundup of May 2019 Posts

Spring in the Boston Public Garden

Temperatures have often hovered in the fifties and sixties under gray skies with frequent rain storms. We had a great Memorial Day weekend — warm, sunny and dry — and then dropped back down into the cooler.

The good news is that our gardens and woods are bright green and bursting with life. The bad news is that getting in the pool at 8:00 am can sometimes require a deep breath and a stiff upper lip. Here’s hoping it warms up, at least a little.

Now that we have finished the roundup of May 2019 posts,we move on to June.