Roundup of May 2015 Posts

Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond edited by David TysonMay was a pretty busy month as Susanne and I wrote on a wide variety of topics from books and movies to family and lifestyle. It was also a month in which another of my short stories appeared in an anthology and I got back to work finishing the novel that has been sitting abandoned for far too many years. I also updated the my Boston By Foot tour schedule for June and July.

Just scanning the blog topics on this list, though, I can see that we wrote much less than usual on business and technology. Also food and cooking got little attention in favor of friends and family. We write about what interests us or what is having an impact on our lives at any given time and that contributes to the variety of what you see.

So here’s the roundup of May 2015 posts. Check out the list and catch up on any posts you may have missed. As always, feel free to comment. Susanne and I love to hear from our readers. It’s great to know that you’re out there and you’re reading our stuff. You keep reading and we’ll keep writing!

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Friends and Family

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Detail from Wooden Horses by Joseph Stella

Detail from Wooden Horses by Joseph Stella