Roundup of June-July 2019 Posts

Suze and I wrote fewer posts in June because of travel and other obligations. We picked the pace up in July, though, so you have some interesting reading if you also have been away.

Two Weeks in France

Yellow Cafe, Arles, Van Gogh, Roundup of June-July 2019 posts

Van Gogh’s Yellow Cafe in Arles

My husband and I spent two weeks of our June on a Viking River Cruise called “France’s Finest” that is two of their regular cruises put together. So, we have now done four VRC trips in five European countries.

Sitting on the sundeck of a Viking Longship and watching the countryside flow by is the best form of relaxation I can think of short of meditation.

I have been posting one photograph a day—only the best from our trip—on Facebook. You can see them there.

Time with the Family

Meanwhile I just finished spending a week with our daughter and her family. I don’t get to see them as often as when they lived in Massachusetts so it’s always nice just to sit and talk to my granddaughters, cook with them, walk the dog, make popcorn, go to museums, and any number of other ordinary things. I had a great time cleaning and re-organizing the kitchen cabinets with my older granddaughter, who prefers doing things with me to other more sedentary pursuits.

Now I’m back to my regular world, giving tours, writing, gardening, taking water aerobics classes every morning and reading on the porch.

Roundup of June-July 2019 Posts

Rosie the Riveter poster, We Can Do ItLast month I decided that Suze and I had published enough posts about women in business, women’s issues and women’s challenges that the topic warranted a Category of its own. Thus, you will see a new Category on the right side called Women Challenging Change. It makes for a quick and easy way to reference on our posts on that topic.

Here’s the roundup. Grab a seat in the shade (or the AC) and catch up.

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Women Challenging Change

The Mixed Blessings of August

We enter August with mixed feelings of appreciation for another month of summer and apprehension over the imminent arrival of fall. Someone commented on the radio yesterday that August was the Sunday night of summer. I think that says it pretty well.

On the positive side, August is the month of sweet corn and ripe tomatoes—both culinary gifts that we look forward to the rest of the year. You’ll get the freshest and sweetest of both at local farm stands–much better than anything you will find in a supermarket.

With any luck, I’ll fit some lobster in there, too.

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