Roundup of October 2018 Posts

You can either vote by voting or vote by not voting. If you don't vote, someone else's vote counts more. It's math.October has ended and here is the monthly Roundup of October 2018 Posts. Halloween is behind us and both Election Day and Thanksgiving loom ahead. I hope that we have something to be thankful for on November 22 because our country is sliding further into hatred, tribalism and division with every passing day. Voting may well be the most important thing you do all year. As Susanne said this month, voting is how we make a difference. Make sure you get out—rain or shine, warm or cold, young or old—to exercise your civic duty.

Page Views Dropping

Stories of New England, Chronicle, WCVB, Channel 5October was an on-again, off-again month for The Next Phase Blog. I was busy with tours for two different organizations, a trip to New Jersey and New York City, and helping our son after his shoulder surgery. I spent way too much time on the road and didn’t write as many posts as I wanted to.

I was also interviewed by Chronicle, a documentary show on WCVB TV with stories of New England. They were planning a show on Boston’s street names and found my posts on the same subject. They filmed me on two different streets and the show will broadcast in a couple of weeks. I’ll put the link up on Facebook when it does.

The Facebook Algorithm

Facebook changed its algorithm and page views on The Next Phase Blog dropped almost by half. This came as a real shock as I watched the numbers go down day by day. If you like a post and think your friends might enjoy it, too, please forward, reTweet, of Share the link. It would help me to reach more people every month.

I would also like to know which posts you enjoy most. Drop a Comment on the blog or in Facebook and let me know. That way, I can be sure to focus on what you want to read.

I love to hear from my readers and sometimes I get messages about posts that appeared years ago—like what happened with Chronicle. You can never tell what will pop up when you research something on Google.

Walking Tours and Cider Donut Muffins

Cider Donut Muffins, Yankee Magazine, baking

Cider Donut Muffins

This coming weekend is another frenetic one for me. I have tours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for both Boston By Foot and Haunted Boston, along with two choir practices and two church services at the First Parish of Sudbury.

Plus, I should bake something for one of the services. Perhaps I’ll make cider donut muffins from New England Today recipe with boiled cider from King Arthur Flour for extra flavor. But, with a few bananas getting really ripe on the counter, I could opt for Flour Bakery’s banana bread. It’s easier to make but doesn’t have the Wow Factor of those muffins.

Roundup of October 2018 Posts

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Starting the Holiday Rush

And now we enter two months of holiday craziness filled with things to do, turkeys to roast, places to go, candles to light, people to meet, cards to send and gifts to wrap. Buckle up and check your mirrors. The holiday season is always a wild ride.

The First Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Wampanoag Indians, turkey