Roundup of November-December 2018 Posts

Okay, so I’m starting the New Year by looking backwards. Life just got so hectic in the last two months that I forgot November’s roundup completely. What with the holidays, shopping, dealing with family issues, visiting family, planning ahead, and just plain being out of the house, I didn’t have enough time to write all the posts I had in mind.

backward-forward,, road signBut now we have passed all that. We have celebrated the really important things in life—family, friends, joy, generosity, happiness, gratitude—and we have started a new year.

Back when I was working full time, this end of the holidays felt like something of a let-down. No more days off to look forward to. No more parties at work. No sleeping late or just having the time to sit by the fire and read.

Now, I enjoy the new year’s beginning because, as Susanne said yesterday, it is filled with possibilities. Where you put your energy is where things will happen. Be grateful for everything you have, remember that happiness is a choice, and be careful what you wish for.

And now the time has arrived already for the two-month collection of posts. Here’s the roundup of November-December 2018 Posts:

Roundup of November-December 2019 Posts


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Read or Not, Here Comes 2019!

Change Ahead Road SignWhether we’re ready or not, 2019 has begun. Start your new calendars!

Every New Year’s celebration is the triumph of hope over experience. We know things can be better, and we hope they will, if only people will listen to their better selves. In the long run, fear, anger, intolerance, rage and hatred will get us nowhere. If only so many people weren’t so eager to embrace them right now.

Let’s try to be the change we want in the world—for better and not for worse.