Susanne’s Greatest Christmas Posts

Monday Author:  Susanne Skinner

Susanne is off today so I’m filling her regular Monday slot with a list of her greatest Christmas hits from this and previous years.

Christmas traditions are an important part of our lives. I see proof of this from our grown children, whose expectations for the holidays are rooted in our Christmas kitchen.If you are new to The Next Phase Blog, or just started reading Susanne’s posts, this is a good opportunity for you to catch up. Here is a collection of Suze’s Christmas posts about friends, family, cooking, the holidays and the way we celebrate Christmas. Her insights are wonderful and the poems are terrific.

Christmas Posts

Food and Cooking 

As everyone who follows Susanne’s posts knows, she loves food and cooking. Here are three of her posts dedicated to the culinary arts.

Military and Veterans 

Sainsbury's, Christmas Truce

A scene from Sainsbury’s film

Susanne has a particular interest in the military and that continues with Christmas traditions. Here are some she has participated in and one that happened before we all were born. Two of these posts are in verse. Why are you surprised? 

On Susanne’s Mind for December

Everybody loves cookies. A one or two bite dessert you can eat with your hands is the way to go.Suze’s regular record of what’s on her mind combine current events, books, music, movies, and recipes, among other things. Here are five of her December OMM posts. Did you mean to try making those cookies but lost the recipe?  Here’s your chance to find it again and head for the kitchen. Can’t remember that carol you wanted to sing? Listen to it again here. Lost your book list? Update it now.

Susanne should be back with us next week with new insights as we move into the New Year.

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