Roundup of August 2018 Posts

“August, die she must.
The Autumn winds blow chilly and cold.”

“April Come She Will” — Simon and Garfunkel

End of Summer, Santiago Uceda, Roundup of August 2018 Posts

End of Summer by Santiago Uceda

Today is the first day of September. Summer camp has ended. School is in and yellow busses crowd the streets morning and afternoon. How did this happen? Only yesterday we were awaiting the start of summer.

Chrysanthemums have made an appearance at the local farm stand. My tomato plants wilted after days of rain and even my sturdy Trailing Tom has bloomed its last. Tomorrow I will clean up the dead plants.

Don’t talk to me about pumpkins or pumpkin spice anything. I’m not ready for slow-cooker recipes, stews and home-baked apple pie. Those things will come but right now I’m hanging on to summer by my fingernails.

Fewer Posts Last Month

The Next Phase Blog team has produced fewer posts than usual this month but not because we were basing on the beach or eager to get out of town, like the U.S. Congress. No, Suze has been working hard and was traveling. My time was commandeered by my husband’s knee-replacement surgery. He’s recuperating at home now but can’t really go anywhere for four weeks. Everything else—food shopping, picking up meds at the pharmacy—is up to me. Lots of driving time means not so much writing time.

Future Days Anthology, Castrum Press, The Good Citizen, anthology, short storiesCastrum Press printed one of my short stories in August. “The Good Citizen” came out in their Future Days Anthology. You can purchase it on Amazon and see my other printed work on my brand-new Amazon Author Page.

Even with all the other things we had to do, Suze and I did put some up good posts on a variety of subjects. We even tackled environmental pollution from orbital space to the bottom of the sea. Without further ado, here’s the regular roundup of August 2018 posts on The Next Phase Blog.

Roundup of August 2018 Posts

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Hanging on to Summer

Crickets, fireflies, summer nightI refuse to accept the end of summer. It doesn’t technically end until Friday, September 21, anyway. Outside, the temperature has soared into the triple digits and some schools have released students early because of the heat. Here in New England we’re accustomed to snow days but not to hot-weather days. Crickets, unacquainted with the calendar, chirp in the warm dusk.

It’s still summer until that first cold rain and the leaves start to fall. I insist.