Roundup of November 2022 Posts

Bug on Windshield, WaspAlthough I had little time to write in November 2022, The Next Phase Blog did receive several comments that updated or added to some of the posts I did publish.

  • Old Friend Nancy Harrington replied to my post on catalogs with some advice. “Use the PaperKarma app,” she said, “and you’ll never receive another catalog.” I have downloaded the app and will follow the directions to stop the blizzard of pre-Christmas catalogs. Thank you, Nancy.


  • South Boston Power Plant, Seaport, Reserved ChannelFellow Boston By Foot docent Sharon Fogarty updated “Photo Ops in the Seaport: Part 2” with a more recent photograph of the South Boston Power Station. Admittedly, I took my pic in October and haven’t been back to the Reserved Channel since. It looks like the demolition team has made a lot of progress and the stacks no longer loom so high over South Boston.


  • Some suggested names came in for our new and Nameless Cat, including a slew of them from our granddaughters. After much consideration we named him Mookie Best. Regardless of decisions made by Red Sox home office, we have another Mookie in Boston. His fielding needs some work, though. And he has trouble holding the bat.

Roundup of November 2022 Posts

I’m almost embarrassed by how few posts appeared last month, except that I was inundated with things to do and place to go. There just wasn’t enough room for either thinking or writing. As they say, sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug. In November, I was the bug.


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That’s All She Wrote

That’s it. There ain’t no more for last month. But my calendar has more room for writing in December. It opened up as of today, so I hope to get back to writing more this week.