Roundup of January/February 2018 Posts

I got so busy last month, I forgot to do the usual monthly roundup of blog posts. Well, today we’re being bashed by a classic nor’easter with high winds and heavy rain that might turn into snow later on. Spring in New England.

Sparrows, hedge, winter, roundup of January/February 2018 PostsSusanne Skinner and I wrote most of the posts but Seth jumped in with one. I also published a post from fellow blogger John Hawthorne. If you are interested in writing a post, either regularly or when the impulse strikes you, just let me know. I’m always looking for good content.

That means you have more to choose from in this roundup of January/February 2018 posts. Pick your category, choose a post, and dig in.

Boston and History

Business and Technology

Food and Cooking

Friends and Family

Health and Safety

Life and Culture


Movies and Books


Marketing School, R2-D2, C3-PO, Terminator, Robots