Susanne’s Greatest Hits with Food

Because of Susanne’s busy schedule, she couldn’t submit her usual Monday post. In its place, here’s a collection of her greatest hits on food and cooking. The On My Mind posts contain her seasonal musings, along with recommendations for books, movies, and music. They also include recipes — of course! The other posts focus on food and recipes.

On My Mind, Susanne SkinnerYou can stay seasonal and check out her fall recommendations or just check out what Suze has found worthy of mention at any time of year.

I always plan to make the recipes Susanne includes but then life gets in the way. Sometimes I find look back and one that appealed to me. If you’re like me, you may wish that you had noted a recipe that sounded particularly delicious. To help you find it, here’s a list of Susanne’s mouth-watering food posts over the last few years in reverse chronological order.

Greatest Hits 2017

 Greatest Hits 2016

Greatest Hits 2015

Greatest Hits 2014

So there you have it. Head to the farm stand and the market, get out the mixing bowls and fire up the oven. It’s time to cook with Susanne’s greatest hits.



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