Roundup of October 2017 Posts

Tautumn leaves, transition kitchen, roundup of October 2017 postshe ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties have gone back into storage and we have entered the true Holiday Season. I know this because we went to lunch yesterday and the restaurant was playing Christmas carols. Fortunately, two other patrons asked them to stop and they did. Phew! No Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, please.

With the two big holidays ahead, we start thinking of things we need to do, have to plan for or should have done already. The rush begins.

Our October Posts

In October Susanne and I wrote nothing about technology or business except for its ongoing acceptance of sexual harassment and the Great Wall of Silence that blocks consequences for abusers.

Charlesgate Hotel, J. Pickering Putnam, Richardsonian Romanesque

An ornamental; face

My Boston and History posts took on a decidedly spooky turn. People don’t often associate staid old Boston with otherworldly sites but we do have our share. They gave us four posts about spirits, mortuaries, and the Angel of Death.

In November I plan to focus on reasons to be thankful—a happier and positive topic.

Also, I added a short story a suitably Halloweenish feel as an October 31 post. “The Broadcast Circle” was published in “Ghosts: An Anthology of Horror from the Beyond,” edited by David Tyson, May 2015. You can read it here for free.

Roundup of October 2017 Posts

Here’s the roundup of October 2017 posts to help you catch up on a topic you may have missed before the holidays begin consuming your free time.

Boston and History

Food and Cooking

Friends and Family

Health and Safety


Lifestyle and Culture


Short Story

It’s time for the geese to head south for the winter and for frost to decorate the pumpkins. As darkness falls early, we turn inward to bake in warm kitchens, read before the fire, and tackle all those pesky indoor chores we’ve avoided when Indian Summer lured us outside.

Wild Geese Flying south for the winter, autumn fields, roundup of October 2017 posts

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