Roundup of March and April 2020 Posts

Last month I got really busy and never had time for the monthly roundup of posts for March. This post makes up for that with a roundup of March and April 2020 posts. You get a twofer.

When the World Changed

TV show menu, TV watch list, binge watching, new seasons, old showsDuring those two months, of course, our world changed. We went from our normal daily activities—interacting with others, going places, eating out, commuting to work, going to the movies, traveling, and getting seats at sports events, to—nothing. Our external lives disappeared as we sheltered in place, avoided personal contact, learned to wear masks, and followed the latest news.

A booming economy fell off the cliff. People lost jobs and the salaries and health care that go with them. Financial stability and disposable income turned into financial panic and no income at all. Health care got put on hold indefinitely right when people needed it most.

What We Wrote About

Susanne and I reflected that in our blog posts, which focused more on the novel coronavirus and its disease, Covid-19, than any other topic. How could we not? The pandemic has so many aspects to consider.

Viking Longships, Amsterdam, Pandemic, Storage

Viking Longships moored in Amsterdam

Unable to travel (our scheduled Viking Cruise in April disappeared) I took more virtual trips down Boston’s streets, documenting their names and their histories. Ordinarily I would have gone into the city to take pictures and form my own observations; instead I depended on the internet.

Jackie chimed in with another post on the environment, which has gotten cleaner and greener since people began staying home. I did a post on that, too. Now we know how quickly the environment recovers when we stop messing with it.

Roundup of March and April 2020 Posts

Given that everyone is home and on their computers a lot, here’s your chance to catch up on posts from two months that you may have missed. Check out the roundup of March and April 2020 posts and work your way through the list.

Boston and History

Business and Technology 



Health and Safety 

Lifestyle and Culture 



Moving On to May Flowers

Today is May Day and our thoughts turn to sunlight, warm air, gardens, flowers, and getting those vegetables in the ground. I always look forward to the May garden club sales, which raise money by selling outtakes from perennial borders. I know where the good sales are and I hope that they will go on as scheduled, given that they take place outdoors.

Until we get on top of the pandemic with testing, tracking, isolation, masks, and –eventually — a vaccine, stay in, stay safe and stay healthy.

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