Roundup of February-March 2019 Posts

Although spring is still cold here in New England, at least the snow has melted and the sun is bright. Also, the baseball season has started again with the Red Sox opening game against the Mariners yesterday. If we have baseball, it must be spring, right?

The Tour Season Begins

Copley Square, Trinity Church, Boston

Trinity Church
Photo by John Morrison

Next Saturday I begin my 2019 tour season with a training tour of the Back Bay for Boston By Foot’s new Guides in Training. After that, things pick up with a rush. I have already scheduled multiple tours, both regular and private, with Haunted Boston and Boston By Foot.

You can join me on a Haunted Boston ghost tour any Wednesday night in April and May at 8:00 pm. Come visit the Dark Side of Boston with me on April 20 or join me for a tour of the Back Bay on May 4. This is your chance to see some of the buildings I have written about in The Next Phase Blog.

We will also be going on Boston By Foot’s “True Lies and False Facts” tour on April 14. On that one we listen to multiple stories and then vote for which ones are true. Get enough right and you win a prize.

Embracing my inner tour guide, I have also talked with the company that schedules tours of Boston for the big cruise ships that come in to the Black Falcon Terminal.

Keeping Up the Blog Schedule

With a busy summer ahead of me, I will have to scramble to keep The Next Phase Blog at three posts a week. I can write opinion pieces in an hour or so but the historical posts take a lot of research.

Meanwhile, I have nearly wrapped up the second draft of my latest novel, getting ready for another review by my colleagues in the Spacecrafts Writers Group.

Updates on Previous Posts

Daughters of the King, Les Filles du Roi, King Louis XIV, French Canadians, Province due QuebecHere are some updates on a couple of previous posts:

  • French-Canadian Genealogy: My new-found cousin added my family information to her database and connected me to Marie Guillaume, one of the Daughters of the King, nine generations back.
  • Robots and Jobs: In here New Yorker article, “Are Robots Competing for Your Job?” author Jill LePore doubts the impact of automation will be all that great. I disagree.

Roundup of February-March 2019 Posts

February was a short month. Because both Suze and I were busy, I put off doing a roundup until this month. Now that I have a pretty good collection across a variety of categories, here is the (semi) monthly roundup of February-March 2019 posts:


Boston and History

Business and Technology



Friends and Family

Health and Safety

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