Roundup of October 2015 Posts

October was a busy month for The Next Phase blog as we added another regular author to the team. Seth Kaplan brings his encyclopedic knowledge of diet, nutritional supplements, metabolism, digestion and other health-related issues to his posts. He will be educating us all on how to live healthier, stronger lives.

This month I focused on a series of posts about small, hidden spaces in Boston that are open to the public and worth visiting. Susanne covered a broad range of topics. For once, we did not write most about business and technology. I think that’s a good thing.

Beacon Hill, Halloween, Beacon Hill with a Boo!, Boston By Foot, @BostonByFoot

Beacon Hill on Halloween

What we all have in common is great curiosity, the desire to know how the world around us works, and heartfelt opinions about what’s good in life and what could use a little work.

Today is Halloween but The Next Phase Blog has no tricks for readers, only treats. Dive right in to this roundup of October 2015 posts and catch up on anything you may have missed. Pass along the ones you like in email and on social media. New readers are always welcome, as are comments.

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