Roundup of February 2020 Posts

autumn leaves, transition kitchenFebruary 2020, all 29 days of it, came and went here in New England with just a few flakes of snow and generally mild temperatures. Every day, I heard stories of massive storms sweeping across the country but they never quite made it here. We experienced clouds and rain but nothing worse than a few minor snow flurries.

Things got hotter on the political front, though, with candidates savaging one another in debates and then dropping out of the race like autumn leaves in a high wind. The whole political landscape changed in a space of weeks, the way a line storm strips branches, changing New England from glorious autumn to grim winter. Experts and commentators struggle to make sense of the new perspective.

The Spread of Covid-19

Human Coronavirus, 2019-ncCoV, epidemic, public health, roundup of February 2020 postsCovid-19, the corona virus sweeping across the planet, has already created havoc in the travel industry, interrupted supply chains for manufacturing, caused major events to be cancelled, and sent quarterly corporate profits plunging. It also drove a run on face masks that don’t actually protect you very much.

Way back in 2013, I wrote about the danger of MERS CoV, another corona virus spread through animal contact. I predicted that the Muslim Hajj would provide the ideal mechanism for transmitting MERS CoV to people who would then take it back to their countries of origin. I was right about the threat but MERS CoV never spread the way Covid-19 has. We dodged a bullet in 2013 but seemingly learned no lessons about preparedness.

This year’s Hajj will start on July 28 and run until August 2. Saudia Arabia is preparing for the worst.

Roundup of February 2020 Posts

Change and uncertainty aside, I offer the monthly roundup of February 2020 Posts. Take a break from the pervasive bad news and expand your horizons with some new and different information.

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Women Challenging Change

Think Positively

Always Wash Your Hands, Covid-19, Corona virus, Roundup of February 2020 postsWhen you’re ready to go back out into the world, wash your hands and leave. Think positively and set your expectations accordingly. My mantra is, “I am thin and fit and strong and healthy.” I say it every time I think I might be coming down with something and even when I’m in a situation, like a crowded airplane, where germs and viruses could be spreading around. It works for me.