Roundup of August 2017 Posts

Summer is nearly over. Every year this makes me sad. I measure the summer by highlights:

  • Charlie Brown, Snoopy, there goes another summerMemorial Day
  • June
  • Independence Day
  • Still July
  • All-Star Break
  • Still August
  • First Day of School
  • Labor Day

The air may cool off but I can tell myself that it’s Still August. The temperature dropped a lot in the last two weeks of the month and that made getting into the pool at 8 a.m. more challenging but we Longfellow water aerobics regulars persisted.

Now we have passed all the seasonal landmarks and I can no longer live in the summer bubble. I’ll have to enjoy the season’s memories with this final roundup of posts. Plus, I added another “short story.” This addition actually continues the story of “Elf Hill”  to its original ending, I truncated it to make it, well, shorter, as well as to give it a punchier ending. Now you can read both parts on the Short Story page. I’ll put up another one this month.

So before the fall gets stuffed full of things to do, use this roundup of August 2017 posts to catch up on any you have missed.

Roundup of August 2017 Posts


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Fall Walking Tours

Now we move on into fall, the domain of apples and pumpkins, cool days and cold nights, I will sign up to lead more of the public Boston By Foot tours. I have done fewer tours this summer because of other demands on my time.

The Dark Side Tour becomes very popular in the weeks leading up to Halloween as night comes sooner and the route gets a little spooky. I usually sign up to lead tours a month in advance. If you want to make sure that I’ll be on a particular tour, just email me at

I also have two special tours on my calendar: Murder, Martyrs and Mysticism on October 19 and the Bay Village Tour on October 29. You can sign up for these and all our regular public tours (and save a few bucks) online. You can also schedule lectures and private tours.

Beach, waves, end of summer