A Virtual Vacation: Susanne’s Travel Posts

Monday Author: Susanne Skinner

Contrary to my prediction of last week, Susanne has not yet rejoined us on Mondays.

A Virtual Vacation

Belgian frites stand, travel posts, virtual vacationBecause I did a collection of her 2020 posts last week, I’m going to fill her spot today with something completely different. We both enjoy travel and have written posts about our travel experiences. As this is August, prime vacation time, my plan was to publish a virtual vacation with a selection of our travel posts.

Then I got started and changed my mind. Given how much Susanne has traveled, I was amazed to discover that she has written only a few travel posts. Who’d a thunk it?

Rather than clutter this up with my stuff, I’m just publishing Susanne’s travel posts. Your virtual vacation starts here.

Susanne’s Travel Posts

Wisconsin, lake, Susanne Skinner, silenceListening to Silence in Wisconsin – Paradise is where you find it and, for Susanne, it’s on a Wisconsin lake.

The Dominican Republic: Third World Revisited – Come along with Suze to a developing country where she’s putting on a corporate event.

Traveling with My Sister — This account of a heart’s desire trip that Suze gave her sister will bring tears to your eyes. Keep tissues handy.

The Ugly Tourist in Italy — American tourists are easy to spot but don’t always make a pretty picture.

The Amazing Belgian Frite — You have never tasted fries until you have sampled the Belgian frite. Here’s why.

Tourist with Camera, Italy, travel posts, Ugly AmericanTourists: Ambassadors Abroad —  We don’t just visit countries, we represent our own at the same time. Be careful how you conduct yourself lest you leave a bad impression.

Looking at the Mexico-U.S. Border Wall from Both Sides – Susanne visited Mexico for a corporate event and gives us her take on what she saw and experienced.

That’s it. I hope to welcome Susanne back next Monday.