Roundup of September 2018 Posts

maple leaf, roundup of September 2018 postsOkay, I can’t deny it anymore: fall is here. We may have a few warm sunny days and we all love October’s bright blue weather. But we know what’s coming.

Still, I’m happy because my husband’s knee replacement surgery is in the past. He’s back on his feet and our life, largely house-bound for four weeks, is returning to normal.

Rain and Mushrooms

jack o Lantern mushrooms, Omphalotus illudens, mycologyAfter a rainy summer, we are heading into a rainy fall. My tomatoes shriveled and gave up the ghost after being drenched one too many times. The good news is that reservoirs are topped off and the water table is fully charged. While tomatoes may not like it wet, some mushrooms certainly do. A puffball the size of a pumpkin grew in my church’s memorial garden. It was big but ugly.

On the other hand, I saw these beauties while driving nearby and pulled over. They are jack ‘o lantern mushrooms (Omphalotus illudens). While they are beautiful—and appropriate for the season—these mushrooms are also toxic. They do not, however, glow in the dark as many field guides state. I declined to sit by the side of the road and test if for myself, though.

My Amazon Author Page

After the publication of my short story “The Good Citizen” in the Future Days anthology from Castrum Press, I have added my author page to Amazon and Goodreads. I’m working away on the rewrite of my novel. If only current events would stop getting in the way. I lost two days watching the Kavanaugh hearings and reading the commentary. I must focus.

book, open bookI can’t afford a private secretary but I wish I could find someone who would send out my short stories to magazines and anthologies for consideration. It’s a time-consuming process that cuts into the hours I spend writing. I would pay someone per story published but haven’t come up with a candidate yet.

Roundup of September 2018 Posts

I’m happy to report that The Next Phase Blog is growing with more page views every month. Susanne and guest authors and I have posted so many articles on the environment that I created a new category to hold them all. I’m getting inquiries every week from potential guests about posting on the blog. It’s all good.

Now I need to get back to writing so here is the roundup of September 2018 posts.

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jack o lantern mushrooms, Omphalotus illudens