Roundup of March-April 2024 Posts

Cruise Ship, Boston Cruise Port, Raymong Flynn Cruiseport, Black Falcon Terminal

Cruise ship docked at Boston’s cruiseport

April has gone by and it’s time for another two-month roundup of posts on The Next Phase Blog. I have had a busy two months with ghost tours, chairing my church’s rummage sale and hurting my back.

Physical therapy is helping the latter, the rummage sale was a huge success, and the tour season is poised to open up with more cruise ships expected in Boston than ever before.

Roundup of March-April 2024 Posts

That always makes it challenging to write at least two posts a week. Sometimes I just can’t think of something to write about that isn’t politics, given the current state of the news. With the help of my contacts and readers, I can usually come up with something. Thus, today’s roundup of March-April 2024 posts covers a variety of topics.

Boston and History

Calf Pasture Pumping Station, George Albert Clough, Columbia Point, Dorchester

Courtesy of Atlas Obscura

Business and Technology

Lifestyle and Culture


Looking Ahead

I will be doing some traveling in the next two months, which both gives me things to write about and takes time away from the writing. But I do love traveling, which affords the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and broaden one’s horizons.

I plan to do another quiz, which are always popular. And I’m helping to resuscitate the Greater Boston Tour Guide Association which also offers opportunities for learning. One is never too old to expand one’s horizons. 

Stay tuned for more on the many things I find interesting and worth writing about that don’t include politics or the election. If you have any ideas, please send them along. I love hearing from my readers and finding new topics. In fact, my next post will be on something I never would have found myself.