Roundup of March 2015 Posts

bear emerging from hibernationSpring is finally here—not that it has stopped snowing—and we begin to emerge from our winter hibernation. Like bears, we poke our heads out into the unaccustomed sunshine and blink, eager for warmth but unwilling yet to trust that either sunlight or warmer temperatures will last.

We remember what it was like to go shopping, go out to dinner, go to the movies, or just go. We think about friends we haven’t seen for months and contemplate having lunch or meeting for coffee. These seem like radical new things after so many days of huddling inside to keep warm.

In case you missed any of March’s posts because you were shoveling snow, fighting an ice dam, sanding the driveway, hauling in firewood or baking up a storm, here’s a roundup of March 2015 posts organized by topic.


Art & Museums

Boston & Boston By Foot

Business & Technology


Food and Cooking

Language & Writing

Lifestyle & Culture



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