Who Wants to Blog?

beach chair and beach umbrellaI am taking a long-weekend hiatus from The Next Phase blog to relax my brain and recharge my energy. There will be no new posts until Tuesday of next week. The regular schedule will resume at that time.

I have also decided that I need to spend more of my time writing fiction—finishing the novel that has been languishing in my computer for far too long and getting more of my 20+ short stories out to magazines and anthologies for their consideration. As writing blog posts takes up much of my writing time in the mornings, it doesn’t leave me with enough creative energy to do both on a daily basis.Thus I would like to invite other folks who may be interested in blogging to raise their hands.

So who wants to blog?

Welcome to My BlotIf you would like to write a guest post for The Next Phase—on a one-time or regular basis—please speak up. I would like to know your name, the topic(s) you want to write about, and a link to some examples of your writing.

If you have been reading The Next Phase for a while, you know it’s a social commentary blog and you know the rules: no politics, no religion, no guns. Everything else is up for grabs and I’m open to creating a new category or two if that will help your writing to fit in.

So I will post again next week and, until then, have a great weekend.