A Compilation of Posts from May and June

I try to do this bi-monthly roundup around the first of the month but this one was delayed by my Alaskan expedition. Susanne Skinner and I covered a wide variety of topics over the last two months. I received a lot of feedback on the posts I wrote about my home town from the members of a Facebook group called Grew Up in Somerset. I hope some of those folks have stayed with me to read about other subjects.

The posts are sorted by category but many of them cross category boundaries so check them all out. If you missed any of our musings, here’s a collection of posts from the past two months organized by topic. The Next Phase blog is about things that interest us—and we’re interested in a lot of things—so pour a glass of wine, kick back and catch up with any of the posts you may have missed.

Clam cakes, Road food, South Coast of Massachusetts, recipeFood and Cooking

Thieves and Swindlers

Business and Technology

Chef, Jon Favreau, El Jefe food truckMovies and Entertainment

Books and Reading


Culture Shock

Fisher cat, martes pennanti

Fisher Cat

Animals and Wildlife

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Happy reading!