Unemployment Over 50: A Summary of 7 Posts

By 2030 there will be 72.1 million older AmericansThe seven posts I have written on unemployment over 50 are some of the most popular ones on The Next Phase Blog. It’s difficult to measure precisely because I changed platforms last month and so have two different sets of analytics to combine.

Summary of Posts on Unemployment Over 50

If you’re interested in this topic, here’s a summary of the posts on unemployment over 50 with links to them:

  1. Unemployment Over Fifty: Don’t Stop Learning About Tomorrow
  2. Unemployment Over Fifty: Movement is Life
  3. Unemployment Over Fifty: Stay Flexible, My Friends
  4. Unemployment Over Fifty: What Herschel Taught Me
  5. When the Silver Tsunami Hits the Silver Ceiling
  6. Millennials, Maturity and Antelopes—Why the Waterhole is Shrinking
  7. The Perfect Storm: Unemployment, Social Security, and the Silver Tsunami

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