5 Reasons People Are Quitting Their Jobs & Starting Delivery Work

Delivery Driver, Great Resignation, career change, new job, freedom, flexibilityHave you noticed that a lot of people are quitting their jobs right now? The media refer to this trend as The Great Resignation, with record numbers of people handing in their notice to find work elsewhere.

The world changed forever during COVID-19, driving major career and lifestyle changes. Often, people take on a new job as delivery driver and it is easy to see why this has become such a popular option.

Keep reading to discover the reasoning behind The Great Resignation and why delivery work is on the rise.

1. Work Has Become Less Important

One of the main drivers for this career change is that work became less important during COVID-19. The pandemic gave people the time to reflect and think about what is really important in their lives. For many this provided an awakening when it came to their careers. Some found that they actually did not get any satisfaction from their job and wanted work that could give them greater freedom and flexibility.

2. The Rise of WFH & Work-Life Balance

The switch to remote work also proved a major factor behind The Great Resignation. Experts predict that around 23% of employees will seek new jobs in 2022 once people start returning to the office. In addition, WFH (Work From Home) has given people a greater appreciation for work-life balance and flexibility. Many are now finding that necessary balance with delivery work, which allows you to pick and choose your work hours.

3. There Is Always Delivery Work Available

Delivery Truck, Load Board, package, delivery routeOne of the biggest perks of taking on delivery work is that there are always jobs available. As people get more and more products delivered, working as a courier allows drivers to find work when they need to with the potential to earn good money. It is easy to get started as a delivery driver, as people can use a Load Board to bid on loads and find a continuous stream of work.

4. You Can Be Your Own Boss

Similarly, many have decided that now is the time to become their own boss. They no longer want to answer to someone else and enjoy the freedom, power and control that freelance work can bring.

5. People Want to Work Outside

Finally, many people are quitting their office jobs and starting delivery work because they need to be outside. Some employees feel trapped when working in an office and/or at home. The pandemic highlighted the importance of being outside and surrounded by nature. Delivery work allows people to spend their time being out and about, surrounded by nature and meeting new people each day.

Delivery Work = Freedom and Control

The Great Resignation has changed the landscape and the way in which people approach work. Quitting their regular nine-to-five roles to seek more freedom and control and these five reasons explain why delivery work has become a popular choice.