Roundup of February 2023 Posts

As promised, I am reporting the results of my February Quiz on photos from Boston or Europe. As of the end of the month, 350 people took the quiz and most folks seemed to enjoy it. I received many compliments but no complaints.

Boston vs Europe Quiz Results

Most people got six, seven, or eight correct answers. Only eight people got all 10 answers right. That tells me the quiz was suitably difficult—not too hard and not too easy.

Boston vs Europe Quiz, Boston Quiz #1, Number of Correct Responses

Number of Overall Correct Responses

As you can see from the chart below, the Chanel Store and the Alley got the most correct answers while the Chandelier and the Stained-Glass Window tripped up the most respondents. Full disclosure: Some of my fellow Viking River Cruise explorers might have skewed some of the answers by recognizing places in Europe. That is less likely to happen with future quizzes.

Boston Quiz 1, Boston v Europe, Right v Wrong, February 2023 posts

I am thrilled that so many people took my Boston vs Europe Quiz and their enthusiasm has encouraged me to think of other topics. Accordingly, Boston Quiz#2 is in the works and it should be even more challenging.

I just have to get into the city to take a few additional photos and then put it all together. That should be much easier now that I have gotten some experience with Formidable Forms. Stay tuned!

Roundup of February 2023 Posts

10 Miles West of Boston, The Last of Us, HBO, HBO Max, Onscreen AccuracyIf the weather forecast is bad, you can use some at-home time to catch up on The Next Phase Blog’s February 2023 Posts. Chck out HBO’s version of the city on The Last of Us while you’re at it.

And if you missed it, first time around, you can take Boston Quiz #1 and test your knowledge of the city.





Spring is Coming

Spring is almost upon us and with it comes a busier schedule. The 2023 Ship Schedule shows the cruise ships coming into port in April and visiting more often over the course of the summer.

Luxor, Egypt, temple, Pharaohs and Pyramids, Viking River Cruise, February 2023 Posts

Luxor, Egypt

I’ll go back to work as a tour guide, saving my earnings from salaries and tips for another Viking River Cruise.

I have my eye on their Pharaohs and Pyramids cruise along the Nile. Imagine 12 warm sunny days amid the Egyptian ruins in the midst of New England winter. That’s something to work towards.