Roundup of February 2015 Posts

Today marks the one-month anniversary of the blizzard that started the horrible month of snow and cold brought to us by the Polar Vortex. It seemed to snow continuously for weeks and temperatures far below normal added to the misery.  Snow piled up to unprecedented heights, temperatures dropped to record lows, and we all huddled somewhere in between. Icicles grew longer, tempers grew shorter, ice dams created interior floods and roofs collapsed.  And still it snowed.

Tauntaun, Hoth, Luke and Han

Susanne and Alan go shopping

Despite all that, we survived. We kept going to work—unless you needed Boston’s public transportation system to get there. But businesses suffered because people didn’t want to brave the cold just to eat out or see a movie or go shopping.  It’s still cold but the sun is shining this morning and we’re not expecting any more snow until Sunday night.

Staying toasty warm inside made it easy for me to keep writing and Susanne’s posts have appeared every Monday, right on schedule. If you missed any of them because you were shoveling your roof or stocking up on bread and milk, here’s a roundup of February 2015 posts.  Pour a mug of coffee (or something stronger), kick back and catch up.


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