Think You Know Boston? Take the Quiz

So You Think You Know Boston?

What better way to start off a new year than with a quiz that tests how well you know the city of Boston? Whether you were born in Boston, work or study here, moved to the city, or visit occasionally, you may assume you know a lot about it. But there’s always something to learn.

Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Boston Public Garden, lagoon, So You Think You Know Boston? Quiz

Matt Damon and Robin Williams in the Public Garden

It’s 2024, so let’s find out. Take this 15-question quiz and test your Hub-IQ. The proof is in the pudding. Or puddingstone, as the case may be.

Do You Just Think You Know Boston?

Fever PItch, Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Fenway Park, So You Think You Know Boston, Quiz

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore at Fenway Park

The questions cover a broad range of topics, so sharpen your pencil and your wits. You get five points for each correct answer. Here’s how to score your results:

  • 5 – 20: Tourist
  • 25 – 40: Newcomer
  • 45 – 60: Old timer
  • 65 – 75: Expert

Are you ready? Are you confident? There’s only one way to find out whether you think you know Boston or really do.

Take the Quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Boston
1. Who said, “Boston is a city of sports, politics, and revenge?”
2. What was not invented in Boston?
3. How many Catholic Churches are in the Back Bay?
4. Boston’s first municipal water supply was piped into:
5. The Terms “Hub of the Universe” and “Boston Brahmins” were invented by:
6. The Cocoanut Grove was:
7. The percent of Boston built on land created by humans is:
8. Isabella Stewart Gardner named her palace:
9. The ship that was docked next to Anthony’s Pier 4 restaurant was called:
10. The dome of the Massachusetts State House is topped by:
11. Ted Williams’ record 502-foot home run is marked at Fenway Park by:
12. King's Chapel:
13. When Mayor John Collins created the Boston Coordinating Committee in 1960 to plan the New Boston, the group met:
14. The Prudential Center was the tallest building in Boston for:
15. Who made an historic etching of the Boston Massacre?

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City on a Hill, Kevin Bacon, Aldis Hodge, The Last Hurrah, King's Chapel, Boston

Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge at The Last Hurrah

If you enjoyed this quiz and missed some of the previous tests, jump right in. Here are links to four other Boston quizzes.

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