Boston Quiz: A Convocation of Eagles

This week we celebrate Independence Day with concerts, parades, floats, barbecues, and fireworks. I thought it would be fitting for The Next Phase Blog to celebrate with a quiz on Boston’s eagles.

How did eagles become America’s symbols? A detailed history appears in “How the Eagle Became an Emblem of American Freedom” by Stuart Halpern in The Wall Street Journal. In short, people found it to be a “powerful image of liberty.” Mr. Halpern adds, “Gliding above a nation of freedom, vigor and aspiration, the American eagle survived both British military might and death by committee.” So it remained and so it proliferated.

The term for a group of eagles is a convocation. In this post, I’m presenting a multiple-choice quiz for a convocation of the eagles you will find in Boston. There are so many eagles in bronze, stone, and wood that I had to pick 10 of the best.

Some of these big birds will look familiar enough but you just may scratch your head when trying to remember exactly where you have seen them. Familiarity sometimes breeds forgetfulness.

Choose the Right Location

Pick the right location for each eagle and you get five points. The wrong choice lays a goose egg. You choose among five choices for each image. the multiple choice questions follow the photos. I did my best to provide reasonable options, so think carefully. Here’s the scoring:

  • 5 – 20 = Cold
  • 20 – 30 = Lukewarm
  • 30 – 40 = Hotter
  • 40 – 50 = Sizzling

As before, photos have been cropped to minimize surroundings that might provide a clue. Read the descriptions then scroll down to the quiz and make your selections. There is no link to another page. Put on your thinking cap and jump into the search for Boston’s eagles.

A Convocation of Eagles

Boston Quiz: Convocation of Eagles

Boston Quiz: Convocation of Eagles

1: Perched on a Column #1
2: Bollard Eagle
3: Balcony Birds
4: Banner Eagle
5: Perched on a Column #2
6: Eagle with Shield
7: Corner Eagles
8: Skinny Eagle
9: Monument Eagle #2
10: Eagle with Laurel Wreath

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If you enjoyed this quiz, you might like some of the previous questions about places in Boston. The Convocation of Eagles is the third Boston Quiz I’ve posted on The Next Phase Blog. If you missed the previous ones, here’s your chance to test your knowledge of the city.

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