A Thanksgiving Post with All the Fixings

Norman Rockwell, Freedom from Hunger, the Four Freedoms, illustrationToday is Thanksgiving and I am away from the office, spending time with my family, cooking, and cooking with my family. In no particular order.

In lieu of writing a new post, I have collected all the posts Susanne and I have written about Thanksgiving over the years. It turns out we have published quite a few of them. Some have recipes and some don’t.

New readers can enjoy some of the older posts. Just scroll through this list and check out the links while watching the dog show or the football game. It’s easy.

A Thanksgiving Roundup

Friends and Family

Food and Cooking



I hope everyone has a wonderful, cheerful, and delicious Thanksgiving Day. And don’t forget to help with the dishes so Mom can enjoy herself, too.

The First Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Wampanoag Indians, turkey











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