Roundup of November 2015 Posts

The Next Phase Blog had fewer posts last month than is usual and that was for a very good reason: My husband and I were away on vacation over the Thanksgiving break. I scheduled a few posts to go out while we were away and Susanne delivered as reliably as always. But I did write less and didn’t follow up on my posts with the usual social media reminders.

Thanksgiving on the Water

Chef Pascal carves the holiday bird

Chef Pascal carves the holiday bird

For those who didn’t follow my Facebook pictures, we had our Thanksgiving dinner on the Viking Forseti, one of those beautiful Viking Long Boats that you see on PBS. We took the Chateaux, Rivers, and Wine river cruise and celebrated the holiday on the water.

The holiday meal was cooked by the marvelous Chef Pascal. He and his culinary team outdid themselves, producing multiple turkeys with all the trimmings that included the only bread stuffing I have ever liked. We even had pumpkin pie for dessert.

In case you have ever watched Viking River Cruise sponsorships on NPR and wondered what they are like, I can vouch that they are marvelous. Not only did we have a good time but other people on Viking Forseti had been on numerous @VikingRiver cruises and had only good things to say.

Home Again

Hunting truffles with Edouard and Farah in Perigord

Hunting truffles with Edouard and Farah in Perigord

Seth and I are home now. The laundry is mostly done and the jet lag is getting better. My computer had a complete tune up while we were away and is working smoothly. I’m back and at my desk and ready to go.

So let’s start with the regular monthly summary. Here, rolled up into one place, are all of November’s posts. If you missed any because you didn’t see them posted on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, just click through and catch up the fast and easy way. 

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Movies and Television

The chateau of Cadillac at sunset.

Chateau in Cadillac at sunset

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