Roundup of January 2020 Posts

“When you pass 50, every 15 minutes it’s breakfast.”
Kitty Carlisle Hart

Ever get a feeling the world is moving faster and faster? We have now entered the first week of the second month of 2020 and already we have seen some important events on the world stage: a Presidential impeachment and trial, the start of a global coronavirus epidemic in China, devastating wildfires in Australia, the dimming of Betelgeuse, and a predicted dramatic rise in sea levels.

groundhog, groundhog day, Punxutawney PhilSunday was the Super Bowl. Monday and Groundhog Day (early spring). Monday, gave us the dysfunctional Iowa Caucus. That’s when Iowa Democrats were supposed to provide their pick for the nomination. Only they proved less adept at prognostication than the marmot.

Last night we got the State of the Union address. Today marks the end of the impeachment trial in the Senate. Next week voters in New Hampshire kick off the 2020 election by going to their first-in-the-nation primary. And that’s just this month.

Hold on to your hat; it’s only going to get more intense. And this is a Leap Year, so February has 29 days.

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social media networkThrough it all, Susanne and I have kept writing across a variety of subjects that included joy, loneliness and death. Who’d a thunk it?

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Roundup of January 2020 Posts

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In February we celebrate Valentine’s Day and it will be nice to have a non-denominational, un-divisive, uncontroversial, and bi-partisan reason to celebrate. Chocolates and flowers, champagne and dinner out. That sounds like a big improvement.Valentines Day banner, hearts, lollipops

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