A Collection of Susanne’s 2020 Posts

Monday Author: Susanne Skinner

Empty chair, Susanne Skinner, Monday AuthorSusanne is off today, so I’m filling her space with a collection of the posts she published this year by category in chronological order. January at the top; August at the bottom of each category.

As you can tell by the list, Suze has had a lot on her mind this year.

Read some you may have missed; reread favorites or posts that apply to your new pandemic lifestyle. Suze always gives us a lot to think about.

A Collection of Susanne’s 2020 Posts


Business and Technology

Food and Cooking

Health and Safety

Lifestyle and Culture


On My Mind


Women Challenging Change

Stay Tuned for More

Stay Tuned, MoreWhen she returns on August 17, I’m sure Suze will have good insights, possibly more recipes, and a lot of important things to say. Stay tuned.

And remember, if you like any of these posts, please share them with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and co-workers. The more, the better. It’s all good.

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