Roundup of July 2017 Posts

July was a pretty busy month for us, with travel for Susanne and catching up after travel for me. I go so confused I actually published two different posts on the same day—something I have never done before. Check out the list; you may have missed one.

steamer clams, july 2017 postsSummer is a time of sweet corn and tomatoes—two of God’s gifts to our palates—along with lobsters and steamer clams, ice cream and lemonade, watermelon and peaches. That combination is hard to beat.

Back on the Road

I’m back on the streets of Boston, giving walking tours for Boston By Foot. Last Saturday I was the only docent scheduled for the Dark Side tour with 12 people pre-registered. That was just the baseline. By the time the tour started, I had 28 people. I don’t mind a big group—it’s kind of fun and this was a lively crowd—but it does take longer for folks to walk from place to place, especially on the narrow streets of Boston’s North End.

I’m leading another private tour this afternoon and giving the Dark Side tour again on Saturday night. We’ll have another docent to break up a big group, should we have one, and I would love to see you there. BTW: A private Boston By Foot tour is a great group even for a corporate meeting. Employees coming in from other parts of the country love to hear about the city’s history.

Roundup of July 2017 Posts 

Green mound, mound builders, elf hillHere’s the roundup of July 2017 posts, including another short story.  The continuation of “Elf Hill,” will appear on Friday for those who wanted to know what happened next.  I cut this part out when I submitted this story for publication to make it more focused and give it a punchy ending.  If you plan to read the second part, you should read this story first. 


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