Simple Home Energy Updates

Guest Author: Jackie Quinlan

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, American homeowners can save 30 percent on monthly energy bills when they make efficient energy upgrades to their homes—from new insulation to updated thermostat settings. It might seem like a daunting task, but if done intentionally and over time, you can make a number of equipment upgrades that will make a real dent in your energy use and bills.

electric vehicles, electric cars, EVs, range, environmental guilt, energy updatesOf course, updating your home is not the only way to contribute. From sorting through recyclables to driving electric vehicles, there are a number of ways to save cash and the environment. However, right now, we are spending more time in our homes than ever before.

From your windows and walls to electric outlets and water heaters, there are a number of energy suckers in your home. As technology has evolved, we have developed many new strategies to better track, control and support our home’s systems. When we manage our energy use and upgrade our homes, we can more responsibly use our water, electricity, heating and cooling systems.

Start with Sealing Your Home 

According to Home Advisor, a quarter of the average American home’s annual heating and cooling costs can be attributed to energy lost through windows. Whether they are outdated or cheaply built, there is no excuse for losing energy out of your home’s windows.

windows, energy update, energy loss, environment, save moneyIt all starts with choosing the right energy-saving windows for your house—a process that might require a professional opinion. From there, be sure to double check your home’s insulation and sealant around any doors or openings.

These components are your home’s first line of defense against the elements, so if you invest in any energy updates, start here for maximum efficiency results.

Take It to The Next Level

Once you’ve secured your house’s exterior, it’s time to hone in on the details to kick your efficiency mission up a notch. Take a stroll through every room in your home and notice every energy source and suck, from outlets to light fixtures.

Make note of which rooms are especially draining on your electric and water bills. Consider making at least one upgrade in each room, like switching to energy efficient light bulbs or changing out power strips for smart strips. There are so many great home gadgets out there to help keep your home energy efficient.

You might be surprised how much a little bit of effort to make a few energy updates can go a long way. The proof is in the pudding—and your next month’s energy bill.

Share Your Efficiency Experience

When you’ve learned what you can about making your home more energy efficient, don’t keep it to yourself. Share what you have come to understand with family, friends and neighbors.

energy drain, energy updates, heat lossThe more homes that value efficiency, the bigger impact we can make. Energy savings is a popular topic of conversation these days, and people of many backgrounds are interested in learning more about how they can get involved.

Post what you are learning on social media, offer to share your efficiency journey at local community events or volunteer your time helping other homeowners install energy efficient-equipment in their houses.

Energy Updates Help Two Ways

Whether you want to save a bit of money for your family or help the environment, making a few simple energy updates in your home can go a long way each month. Making it a household project can get the whole family involved and invested.

When everyone works to make your house a beautiful and efficient home, it brings lasting change to your neighborhood and the world.

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