Roundup of Posts: March & April 2014

While we were digging out of snowmageddon and wondering whether the winter would ever end, Susanne Skinner and I wrote a lot of posts on a variety of topics.

If you missed any, here’s a roundup of posts from March and April organized by topic. The Next Phase blog is about things that interest us—and we’re interested in a lot of things—so these posts cover a pretty broad spectrum. Pour a glass of wine, kick back and catch up with any of our musings that you may have missed.

cat selfie

Cat Selfie

Culture Shock

Life and Learning

Innovation District, Seaport District, Boston Redevelopment Authority

Source: Boston Redevelopment Authority

Business and Technology

Movies & Entertainment

NASA, Mars mission, Mars colony

Mars Colony — NASA

Science & Climate

News & Updates

METAtropolis, John ScalziIn the post Did Life Imitate Art or Did Art Imitate Life? I mentioned a book that I had read last year, an anthology of short stories. Although one of the stories impressed me with its vision of a dystopian Detroit, I could not remember either the title of the book or the author of the story.  My son, Mogan, filled in that blank for me.

The story is “Stochasti-city” by Tobias S. Bucknell and it appears in the anthology METAtropolis edited by John Scalzi. with original stories set in an urban future  Thank you, Morgan, for finding it.

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