5 Ways Video Games Help the Human Brain

Guest Author:  Amanda Braun

Most parents easily associate the word “games” with concepts like addiction, fun time, education, and entertainment. Almost everyone who has grown up on the same planet knows about all sorts of games. Now, however, games are not limited to cards, pen, paper, and other crafts; they also exist inside computer and phone screens. We cannot deny how today’s technological advancements have changed our way of life.

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Although typically viewed as distractions, games, especially video games, have positive effects. Yes, you heard that right. If you are one of the believers who only acknowledges negative implications of video games, let me introduce you to the brighter side of things.

Ask yourself, “What are the health benefits of video games to the human brain?”

Why Choose Games to Improve Your Mental Health?

Let me start by saying games are focused on helping people deal with mental health problems. Have you noticed that people who want to release inner emotions succumb to any fun or challenging activities just to distract themselves?

Video games, specifically, are seen this way by gamers of all ages. They view video games as a way to divert their attention and escape from the heaviness of the real world.

How Video Games Improve Your Brain’s Health

  • They Help Us Practice Creativity

When children see different things with different colors, shapes, and sizes, they get excited. It’s like their creativity is being summoned and their attention is caught. Therefore, playing video games in primary ages helps a person grow to be creative because he/she will be used to witnessing a variety of concepts and ideas. Which is why parents should not deny their kids the freedom to play different types of video games, as long as they impose guidance along the way.

  • They Promote Relatable Scenarios and Lessons

Video games serve as a great way to see and learn real-life scenarios. When playing, our brains are wired to repeat ideas until they become automatic. Because we become familiar with different movements inside the game, our brains can transfer what we retained from the screen to real-life situations.

For instance, a child learns how to fight bullies by remembering the moves he saw from the game. See? It’s helpful that your child knows how to defend himself when bad situations come up.

  • They Can Increase Mental Functions

Most games portray numerous adventures that require a high level of focus. As you progress in the virtual world, your mind will tend to work in a different way compared to what you are doing at your job. Sometimes, we encounter puzzles and other mind-challenging scenarios in these games that test our mental functions. Over time, they improve our skills.

  • They Can Improve Visual Attention

Playing video games can help improve your visual attention in more ways than you know. Your eyesight will improve if you do not get too close to your computer monitor. Simply download free archived games and focus on your game time, and you will find that yourself paying attention to details in a way that you never did before.

  • They Can Improve Collaboration Skills

Often, people relax after a long day by playing online games with their friends. If you are also fond of doing this, you will be pleased to know that your collaboration skills are improving over time. How? It’s simple: You are playing with your friends, which means you are constantly constructing methods on how to succeed in your games. By teaming up with them, you are collaborating and your skills in this area will improve.

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Video games get a bad reputation because of their negative effects on some people. However, what most of us don’t know is that video games are actually good for the human brain! Whenever you are feeling doubtful, these five significant points will remind you of their relevance.

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