Starting The Next Phase of My Life

My friend Martha Schaefer has inspired me to start my own blog.  Although I intended to do it a long time ago, the challenges of downsizing ate up a lot of my time.  But now that’s over, we’re happily ensconced in our new home and it’s time to start addressing the challenges of The Next Phase of my life. 

Sauta FarmSo far, it’s working out well and I’m seeing new opportunities, opening up to new ideas, expanding my perceptions, and thinking more about my life, as opposed to my job, than I have ever had time to do before.  This is fun.  It’s also exciting, sometimes scary, and sometimes quite unbelievable. 

  • Is this really me?
  • Am I really not either working or looking for my next job?
  • Am I really living for good in this new and wonderful place?
  • How do I do this blog without falling into the GenY trap of It’s All About Me?
  • Why am I letting the cat up on the table?  

So many questions, so little time.  But, as Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot by just watching,” so I’m going to start with observations and see where they take me.  But always looking forward.  Because, as another baseball great, Satchell Paige observed, “Don’t look back.  Something might be gaining on you.” 

I hope you decide my observations are worth coming along for the ride.
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In my professional career I was a senior Communications Director with a strong track record of generating and implementing high-impact corporate and marketing strategies, messages and programs. I worked for a number of big public companies and for small, VC-funded start-ups in the high-technology industry. I have been writing science fiction since 1980. Since then, I have published two novels and written three others. My current novel is stuck at Chapter 37, mostly because I have been putting more effort into The Next Phase blog. I have also written nearly two dozen short stories and one novella. I have been a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) since 1989. For approximately 15 years I have participated in the SpaceCrafts writing group, which helps writers to improve and publish their science fiction and fantasy work. I’m also a docent for Boston by Foot, a volunteer organization that gives historical and architectural tours of Boston, and my particular tour is the Victorian Back Bay. My other interests include going to the movies, gardening, snorkeling, reading just about anything, riding big fast roller coasters and antique hand-carved carousels, and cooking. I also exercise nearly every day.

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