Roundup of Posts from July and August

Susanne and I covered a lot of topics in July and August from girlfriends and grudges to hiring and management training. If you were away on a fabulous summer vacation or spent a month by the lake (at the shore, in the mountains, on a cruise) and didn’t keep up with The Next Phase, here’s a handy summary of the posts you missed.

day lily, triple bloom

Triple Bloom in Peach


Business &Technology

Lays Potato Chips

Is the bag half full or half empty?

Food and Cooking



Lifestyle & Culture

The One Hundred Foot Journey, Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Le Saule PleureurMovies & TV (And Movies About Food)

o   The Lunchbox (Indian food)

o   The Trip (English food)
People who enjoyed this delightful movie about two food critics on a tour of England’s finest restaurants might look forward to The Trip to Italy.  Despite a good follow-on premise in a country that is sunny , beautiful, and known for good food, advance reviews are not good.

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