My Life List of Art Museums

Art Museums: Museum of Fine Arts, MFA, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, @MFAboston

The MFA’s Main Entrance

Some people keep a life list of birds they have seen. I have a list of art museums that I have visited, either alone or with family members. To date, it’s an impressive list and one that I add to whenever possible.

As with all collectors, I remember the Ones that Got Away: The High Museum in Atlanta, the Getty in Los Angeles and the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts. I’m sure I missed many others, mostly for lack of time, but those three stick in my mind.

On my bucket list are the the Prado in Madrid, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. Given the situation with Russia, I might never see the Hermitage.

On the other hand, I have been to some of the institutions on my list more than once, particularly those in Massachusetts and New York City. If you visited a museum with me and it’s not on the list, please remind me of where and when.

In alphabetical order by state and country, the museums are:

United States Art Museums


Art Museums: Yale Art Gallery, Chapel Street, New Haven, Yale University

Yale University Art Gallery, with view of (left to right) the Louis Kahn building, Old Yale Art Gallery building, and Street Hall. Photo: © Christopher Gardner, 2012







New Hampshire

Art Museums: Metropolitan Museum, The Met, American Wing, Ninteenth Century Portraits, Augustus St. Gaudens, John Singer Sargent

The Metropolitan Museum’s American Wing

New York


Rhode Island


Washington, D.C.

International Art Museums


Czech Republic





The Netherlands

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  1. You could add the Frick in NYC as they have a room dedicated to Francois
    Boucher. The Fairbanks museum in St. Johnsbury, Vt.

    Your Brother

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