5 thoughts on “Commercials Revive Four Retro Rock Tunes

  1. I have to admit to liking the Bernie and Phyl ads with voice overs on old black and white movies…but those are aimed at us boomers – you know, the ones who buy furniture!

  2. Perhaps so, but I’d be willing to bet that showing millennials and young professionals using their products while playing “our music” is a direct assault on us Boomers, as our generation has an amazing propensity to want to think and act “young”. They know this as much as we do, and they’re playing our strings as best as they know how, don’t you think?

  3. I think you’re closer with #3. They seem to me to be targeting us Boomers, you know, the ones most likely to have the money to buy their stuff?! The cost of paying for the rights to the music is almost inconsequential when you consider how successful they think they’ll be (ROI analysis) based upon their market and demographic research, combined with how long they’ll get to use the ad before it completes it’s run. I didn’t bust my keester for nothing getting my MBA…

    • I think that’s mostly true, Mike. But the Toyota Corolla commercial is definitely aimed at Millennials and the models in the Sleep Number mattress commercial are young professionals. To see products aimed at our demographic you have to watch the morning news or any program in the afternoon. I sometimes catch the latter while I’m on the treadmill at the gym and get my fill of ads for fear, pharma, and fanatics. It’s pretty depressing. I’ll take The Lion Sleeps Tonight any time.

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