Home Plate Farm for Sale

Babe Ruth, Home Plate Farm

Home Plate Farm in Sudbury

I was out running errands this morning with I noticed the For Sale sign in front of the house Babe Ruth owned from 1922 through 1926, after he had been traded to the Evil Empire. It’s been on the market for a while and I’ve driven past it many times but today, for some reason, it sunk in.
Home Plate Farm is a spectacular 5,000 square-foot house on a beautiful 2-acre piece of land that overlooks Stearns Mill Pond in Sudbury.  Although the place has been modernized with beautiful conveniences and a gourmet kitchen, it still includes original touches like burn marks from the Babe’s cigar ashes and a Babe Ruth memorabilia room.
The property also includes a 5,000-square-foot barn with stables, an office, a workshop, and a fully equipped one-bedroom apartment. The weathervane even shows the Babe hitting away. If you’re interested in owning this piece of baseball history, you can have it for a mere $1.65 million.
Which leads me to baseball and that, for me, could only mean the Boston Red Sox.
@RedSox spring training is underway in Fort Myers with a team that has seen some significant changes.  Bobby Valentine is gone, as is Josh Beckett, which means we can hope for better morale in the clubhouse and on the field this year.  And 2013 is, of course, the “next year” we were hoping for last year.  The team has additions like new manager John Farrell, @Mike Napoli25, Mike Carp, and @Shane Victorino.  And fan favorite Pedro Martinez is now a special assistant to Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington.  It’s still way early but Boston fans always have hope.
Northern Cardinal
And speaking of spring, I heard a cardinal whistling this morning, which may be an omen as the Sox are playing the Cards this afternoon. You can hear the whistle on eNature, the Audubon Society’s website.  If we all Tweet this, maybe it will help the Sox win today’s game.  Well, it couldn’t hurt.

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