Roundup of May 2018 Posts

pages blowing away, missing contentThe Next Phase Blog experienced a few technical difficulties in May that might have made it difficult for you to keep up with the numerous posts. I’ll spare you the icky details and just say that every post from May 3 to May 28 disappeared for almost a week. It’s hard to read content that just isn’t there.

For a while I thought I would have to recreate all 10—a VERY time-consuming job. OMG. But all the missing posts have been restored, thanks to some expert help from John, my angel support rep at GoDaddy. This monthly roundup of May 2018 posts will show you what you may have missed and link to any posts that you want to read.

Meet Two New Guest Authors

You can also meet two new guest authors, Anna Kurcikova, with a post on Alzheimer’s Disease, and Donna Moulico-Hall, who begins a series on how she picked herself up after a layoff and began a job search.

Susanne Skinner and I continued exploring a variety of topics.

May’s Roller-Coaster Temperatures

weather road sign, temperature variations, May, roller-coaster temperaturesThe technical glitch shouldn’t have surprised me because May has been such a month of contrasts, weather-wise. Anything could and did happen.

The temperature fluctuations have been so great that we sometimes had the heat on in the morning, the air conditioner in the afternoon, and heat again in the evening. Saturday of the holiday weekend was so hot, I was out in shorts and sandals. The next day I wore jeans, a fleece and a slicker and wished that I had gloves.

Next week should be on the cool side, a good time to pour some coffee and catch up on all the months content, including the 10 posts that went bye-bye for a while. So, here’s the roundup of May 2018 posts by category.

Roundup of May 2018 Posts

Art and Museums

Boston and History

Business and Technology

Culture and Lifestyle

Health and Safety

Movies and TV


Cold Water Problem

swimming near glacier, cold water swimmingNow that summer’s here, I was hoping that the weather will smooth out some, but not dice. The thermometer is dropping into the 50s and 60s next week, just as the bubble has come off the pool and the heater is broken.

We early morning aquanauts are a pretty hardy group but I draw the line when the water gets too cold. Let’s hope the folks at Longfellow Health Clubs fixes this problem the way John fixed my GoDaddy glitch.